Spotted Lanternfly Control & Treatments

SLF Tree Injection Guaranteed Results Policy

We Guarantee Results...

Kirk's Lawn Care guarantees results on all Spotted Lanternfly tree injection treatments. We guarantee that Spotted Lanternflies that actively feed on a treated tree will die during the guaranteed time period. The guaranteed time period is 5 weeks after the tree injection through the end of the same calendar year of which the tree injection took place. If you feel that Spotted Lanternflies are feeding on your tree(s) within the guaranteed time period and are not dying, kindly contact Kirk's Lawn Care and we will send out a company representative for an inspection. If Kirk's Lawn Care determines the treatment was/is ineffective at their discretion, Kirk's Lawn Care will re-treat affected tree(s) at no cost to the customer. This policy is limited to one re-treatment per tree during the guaranteed policy period. This policy can be subject to change. The latest policy can always be found at

Please Keep In Mind...

Tree injections do not treat the air or the surface of tree bark or leaves. You will still see Spotted Lanternflies around your property, land on treated trees and honeydew may still be present. Spotted Lanternflies must feed on the treated tree to die. Please note that tree injections can take up to 7 days from the date of treatment to be effective. This is because it takes time for the tree's vascular system to move the insecticide throughout the entire tree. Please wait up to 14 days after treatment before contacting us about ineffective treatments.