Spotted Lanternfly Control & Treatments

Spotted Lanternfly Treatments in Linfield, PA 19468

Spotted LanternflyKirk's Lawn Care offers Spotted Lanternfly Treatments skillfully completed for residential and commercial properties within Linfield, Pennsylvania. We use proven systemic and contact insecticides in Linfield, PA. Our knowledgeable technicians know which products to use and when to achieve maximum effectiveness in killing invasive Spotted Lanternflies. We are fully-insured and are a licensed pesticide application business with the Pennsylvania Dept of Agriculture. All of our technicians are also pesticide certified and have undergone extensive training and testing. We close fence gates after we have finished our work and attention to detail always comes standard.

Why Hire A Professional?

Hiring a trained professional to do the treatment is important. These treatments must be applied correctly, with the right insecticides and at the right time of year to achieve best results. A Kirk's Lawn Care technician can determine the best option based on your situation. We are a licensed pesticide application business, have insurance and have undergone extensive training to safely and effectively treat for Spotted Lanternfly in Linfield.

Is Treatment Really Necessary For Spotted Lanternfly?

It is a good idea to treat any trees that are infested with Spotted Lanternflies. They can kill your trees and it is much less expensive to treat them than it is to replace them. But, even if you have an infested tree(s) that you don’t want to save, it is still wise to treat because it will help reduce the population of this damaging insect in Linfield and the surrounding areas.

How We Treat for Spotted Lanternfly

Systemic insecticides provide season long protection. Systemic insecticides can be applied by either trunk injection where the insecticides are pushed directly into the tree through injection. They can also be applied as a basal trunk spray in which the insecticide will be absorbed through the bark. When the Spotted Lanternfly feeds on the tree, it will ingest the insecticide and die.

Application Methods

Tree Injection

Once-A-Year Trunk Injection - Our preferred, quickest and most effective treatment solution is to inject systemic insectisides directly into the tree's root flares or trunk. One treatment will provide season-long control. The tree's vascular system will spread the insecticide throughout the entire tree within 5 - 7 days providing complete tree protection. This application method allows us to provide targeted control of Spotted Lanternfly without harming wildlife and beneficial insects. Tree injection applications are safe for people, children and pets because the insecticide is injected directly into the tree. This application method can only be completed May through the end of June.

ArborJet Trained

We guarantee our tree injection applications will kill Spotted Lanternflies all season long. Additional details on this guarantee can be found within our Guaranteed Results Policy.

Basal Trunk Spray - Systemic insecticides can be applied as a basal trunk spray in which the insecticide will be absorbed through the bark. Once absorbed, the tree's vascular system will spread the insecticide throughout the entire tree within a month providing complete tree protection. Basal trunk sprays are sometimes the best application method during hot and dry summer months when tree injection may not be the best application method. This application method typically requires 3-4 applications for season-long control.

Neighborhood Group Rates Available for 5 or More Houses

Save money on multi-house group rates within the same neighborhood. More houses treated in one neighborhood provide better Spotted Lanternfly control and will help lower populations. Click Here to learn more.