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The Spotted Lanternfly

Spotted Lanternfly

Spotted lanternfly (SLF), Lycorma delicatula, is an invasive insect that harms or kills plants and trees that are native to our area. Spotted Lanternflies will cause this damage to landscape trees by ‘piercing and sucking’ the sap out of the tree. They are also considered a ‘nuisance pest’ because swarms of hundreds or even thousands of Lanternflies can invade homes and businesses. In addition to their overwhelming swarming habits, they excrete honeydew which can harm area plants as well and damage personal property it comes in contact with.

Spotted Lanternfly Treatments

Spotted Lanternfies on Tree

The best and most common method among government agencies and professionals to treat plants and trees for Spotted Lanternfly is through the use of insecticides. Systemic insecticides which are translocated throughout a tree and can provide season long coverage are applied through tree injection or trunk basal sprays.

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Latest News and Updates on Spotted Lanternfly

SLF Nymphs are Hatched and Growing in Northeast Pennsylvania

Spotted Lanternfly eggs have hatched in Northeastern Pennsylvania. SLF nymphs (the early stages of an SLF life cycle) are present on many trees in the area as they continue to grow into adults. Now is the best time to have us treat your vulnerable trees before they become adults in July. Early contr…

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This is how far the spotted lanternfly might spread, as feds eye funds for fight

Areas in the United States that have been identified as possible spotted lanternfly habitat.U.S. Department of Agriculture image

The spotted lanternfly threatening $18 billion per year worth of Pennsylvania agriculture products could spread throughout the Mid-Atlantic and New England, west into…

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Researchers find 2 fungi that kill Spotted Lanternflies

Two fungi that grow naturally in Pennsylvania killed an infestation of spotted lanternflies near Antietam Lake Park last fall, a discovery that could emerge as a biological weapon to control the spread of the invading Asian insects, according to researchers.

Researchers at Cornell University in I…

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